TSCM Counter Surveillance Sweep Services

Our sweep services are provided 24 hours a day, offering reliable and secure solutions to home, business and vehicle security.

Specialist Commercial Bug Sweep Services

Secured Area Services offer a fast response TSCM Counter Surveillance bug sweep service to companies in London and all towns, cities and areas Nationwide.

Our professional service and attention to detail is provided by experienced and dedicated personnel. Our sweep teams are armed with some of the most up to date and advanced electronic scanning and bug detection systems available.


We have invested heavily in the necessary equipment to detect all types of bugs or electronic surveillance devices at all levels of complexity up to and beyond that used by the Police and military departments.

We provide a reliable, discreet and cost effective counter surveillance (TSCM) service to all companies, directors, offices, factories trading floors, design and development areas, conferencing, solicitors and barristers, local council, conference facilities and warehousing. (For Home bug sweeping, please see the home bug sweeping page).

Importance of an Effective Sweep


  • We monitor and analyse ALL frequencies using specialist TSCM Spectrum Analyser and software
  • We sweep walls, floors, ceilings, equipment, electrical sockets and connections with a Non Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) (will find non-transmitting bugs)
  • We carry out intensive physical searches
  • We sweep locally (all offices and rooms) with a wideband microwave detector
  • We can sweep electrical wiring for low frequency mains covert transmissions
  • We can scan for infra red light listening devices
  • We use thermal heat sensing cameras to sweep for bugs in keyboards, mice and behind ceilings and electrical connections
  • We scan for video devices
  • We scan WiFi networks to look for unauthorised or rouge IP cameras and data collection devices
  • We scan fixed telephone systems


Bug Sweeping - Doing it right

In order to carry out an effective and reliable bug sweeping service, tens of thousands needs to be invested into the necessary equipment. The image above shows a transmission from a hidden bug on one of our spectrum analysers. We also use non linear junction detectors, specialist near field and far field GSM detectors and locators, analysing software, WiFi scanners, thermal cameras and wideband high sensitivity signal detectors.


The complex and advanced bugs planted in today's environments have many built in defence systems that are designed to prevent detection.

Many of these advanced bugs are relatively cheap (costing £ 300.00 or less) and can easily be purchased on the internet by anyone.

Due to the built in defence systems employed by many commercially available devices, it is necessary to use advanced bug detection which is capable of penetrating through the defences, and cheap "bug detectors" used by many Private Investigation agencies or non-dedicated companies are generally not capable of finding or locating many common bugs in a real environment.


A dedicated and effective TSCM counter surveillance bug sweeping company will have invested tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds in equipment designed to effectively detect and locate the basic and also the more advanced devices. We invite you to contact us for a cost effective price together with friendly guidance and help.

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