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Bug sweeping and detection of transmitters listening devices, hidden cameras, and data recorders made to any level of sophistication. Secured Area Services offers a (UK wide) professional and reliable, bug sweeping and Counter Surveillance service. Our sweep experts are highly skilled and experienced in removing all types of listening, video, and data spying devices at every level.
Our bug detection sweep is carried out quietly, efficiently and above all confidentially. Our head office is in London, but we provide a 24/7 nationwide reliable service.

Bug detectors

There are many bug or signal detectors available on the market, indeed they are relied on by some search companies and are often used by private individuals. There are two problems with relying on one of these. Firstly more than 50% of bugging devices on the market are designed to go into a sleep mode (stop transmitting) when whoever has placed the bug is not actually listening, and so it is unlikely that they will be detected at the time of the bug sweep.

Secondly there can be 20 - 50 transmissions in many houses or offices and often more; these will come from legitimate sources within the building, but will also come from radio stations, taxis, or other houses or buildings nearby. A signal detector will detect many signals and will not necessarily be able to determine if they are safe or are bugging transmissions.


Enhanced Technical Bug Sweeps

We use modern and sophisticated system equipment which is able to reliably detect and locate active (transmitting), and non active (not transmitting) bugging devices in addition to the latest threat of GSM devices. Bug Sweeping equipment used includes non linear junction detectors, sophisticated spectrum analysis, signal analysis software, near and far field signal detection and location, video detection, thermal cameras, and specialist GSM bug sweeping and location equipment.

Our Clients

Our clients include private individuals requiring a home bug sweep, law firms, trading companies, local government, design centres, multi national companies, blue chip companies, and a wide section of business offices throughout London and the UK.

Office Bug Sweeps

Our extensive experience in a commercial environment using advanced TSCM equipment, enables us to locate and remove all eavesdropping and spying devices wherever they are, and whatever level of sophistication they possess.

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Home Bug Sweeps

No home is private if someone is listening to or watching your every move. Spying or bugging devices for little more than a hundred pounds can pass your private conversations, movements or computer data on to indiscriminate third parties.

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Vehicle Bug and Tracker Sweeps

A vehicle tracker can pass every move you make, and every place you visit, on to someone else with pinpoint accuracy. Trackers and mobile vehicle bugs can also be used to listen and transmit private conversations held within the vehicle.

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